Clap back from a ‘lazy’, ‘entitled’ Millenial.

I’ve heard it all about generation ‘Y’. We’re lazy, entitled, narcissistic and selfish. And at this point in my life as a twenty something year old, married homeowner and  working mother of 2, I’m getting really tired of hearing the same moans of our older employers and employees.

For a start, we apologise that after spending a fortune to further educate ourselves we expect some sort of return in investment.

We apologise that we were not fortunate enough to attend university at a time when education was an entitlement rather than a privilege.

We apologise that after racking up £24000 in debt, we simply expect that within a few years we’d have an annual income more than student loan.

We apologise that whilst you Gen X and Baby Boomers were comfortably purchasing homes at the age of 21, we entitled Millenials can barely think of purchasing a new mattress to live comfortably in our shared rented apartment of 5 at 31.

We apologise that due to this increase in living costs, we are simply desperate to move up the ladder so we can make enough money to even consider climbing the property ladder.

We apologise that whilst in your twenties you were happily thinking about settling down, possibly marriage and a family because life offered you that option, we selfish Millenials can’t even settle ourselves let alone consider the option of familyhood – so why not self indulge huh?

We apologise that whilst you grew up in the age of major corporations running the show, we Millenials have been shown how you can be a millionaire, billionaire or straight up in-the-aire with our wild enterprises  and contributions to society. Yes, our role models are the start up kings and Queens, as opposed to the CEO’s and MD’s that seem further detached than a silicon Valley Entrepreneur in LA , although being seated on the floor above!

We apologise that the bubble has popped and suddenly, with the information age, we discover our worth more every day, we are flooded with insights into our spirituality and wellbeing, we are motivated, we are encouraged, we are AWAKE!

We are sorry, we are sorry, we are sorry that nothing can stop us, nothing can force us. With more challenges, we are increasingly bolder. We will ask for a raise, we will walk out if not praised and most importantly, we will continue to think of our gain whilst employed as it became very clear a longtime ago, that we are alone in making it to the Top.

Politicians will continue to increase tuition fees. Cost of living will continue to rise at record speed. No the dodgy banks will not be penalised and the Elite will continue to be handed the silver-spoon. So on your marks, get set, GO! – The Millenials are on a race to the top!




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